The best solution with the latest technology

In 1975, a small computer shop is established in Bleichenbrücke street, Hamburg. By developing software for customers with mainframe computers, the company gradually establishes a second mainstay to ensure the sound growth of the business.

In the early 80s, the course was set for the future: the head of the German operations of a large Scandinavian clothing chain steps into the store and, after briefly consulting with the developers, asks them to create software for the chain's allocation and replenishment processes.

Step by step, software is developed which, today, is still based on the original concept and is still used by this multi-store chain that operates more than 3,000 shops worldwide.

In 1991, the company-specific solution is turned into a Windows-based standard software. The idea that company software should run on such “toy” computers was initially ridiculed.

Retail companies as customers

But already with their first releases Futura manages to win major retail companies as customers. In anticipation of the globalisation to come, Futura starts to build up a European and Asian sales and service organisation in 1995.

The software is constantly further developed to meet the increasing demand for powerful and efficient products. Futura4Omnichannel, Futura4Retail and Futura4POS today are the latest cutting-edge products in our target markets. In connection with mobile solutions at the POS or on the sales floor we meet all requirements with regard to flexibility and mobility.

Our customers have made us what we are today: a powerful and efficient company with a down-to-earth approach in the best Hanseatic tradition.

Mr Wandscher, how has Futura managed to maintain their position on the market for decades?

Vanjo Wandscher: “As I see it, our lasting success is essentially based on two factors: firstly, our company culture that enables us to deal with our customers fairly and at eye level. And secondly, our special know-how of the business, which has constantly grown over the decades due to the strong focus of our business activities. These two components put us in a position to offer our customers the best solution with the latest technology.”

With their retail management system and POS software products Futura is equally represented in single stores and at customers with 100 and more branches. What makes a project particularly challenging for you?

“The challenge is much greater if an international project involves several different cultural groups. It's not the language that's the biggest hurdle in these cases but, for instance, it's the way things are done. Many of my colleagues from our project department are currently applying internally for projects of this kind in order to develop themselves both personally and professionally. The size of projects mostly plays a minor role here. From a functional point of view, a customer with just one branch has similar requirements as a large multi-store chain. The only difference is the size of the project team.“

Your motto is: “We help our customers to sell more and enjoy their work.” When do you enjoy your work?

“I've been happy to come to work every day for almost 16 years now and enjoy what I'm doing. One reason for this surely is my great team who have accompanied me on this exciting journey at Futura for many years. There are phases where I spend more time with some of my colleagues than with my own family, so that a good atmosphere is very important to me. And at the end of the day we at Futura wish to help our customers with our solutions and our service to make their work easier and faster.”

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