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Software products from Futura can now be found at Leder Rabe GmbH in Lower Saxony, Germany. Futura4Retail and Futura4POS will soon support the established company when selling stylish handbags, luggage and accessories from top labels.

In the meanwhile, the BAGSTORE in Salzburg/ Austria is migrating its 7 branches and 7 Pos systems to Futura4Retail and Futura4POS. This company is selling a great range of individual bags and backpacks and had previously worked with FuturERS. After a test phase with its own data, the management decided to change over to the new generation of Futura software.

The Futura Retail Solution AG‘s POS software was awarded by the “handelsjournal” with the award “Top Produkt Handel” (Top Product Retail).

The annual competition of the business magazine awarded Futura4Pos with a silver medal. The award was given in the category "Innovation". The aspects awarded related to the novelty of the solution, as well as the ease of customer understanding and handling.

The uniqueness within Futura4Pos lies in its innovative software architecture, which guarantees a high stability standard, whilst enabling a flexible usage. An integration into any existing ERP system is possible, just like integrating into a complete Omni-Channel solution. Other Futura products have been awarded by the jury and readers of the business magazine in previous years:

In the category “productivity” Futura4Hybrid won the gold medal in 2013.

04 February 2013 - The EuroCIS is recording a clear upward trend. The very good results in 2011 and 2012 are likely to be significantly exceeded 2013. The increasing number of exhibitors and visitors from home and abroad shows: The EuroCIS is becoming a leading industry event, when it comes to information technology and security.

"We are one of the leading Cashmere providers on the tourist-oriented Sylt market and known for our huge selection of colorful, high-quality items from Scotland and Italy. Our offering is complemented by leather, furs, clothing and jeans.

In preparation of a planned Online shop we considered a modern enterprise resource planning system as essential. The innovative technology of the Futura retail system persuaded us completely.

05 February 2013 - Futura4Hybrid integrates seamlessly into Futura’s previous best practice products, but also other ERP systems. This solution has now been honored with a “gold” prize in the category “economic efficiency” by the handelsjournal.

Other systems present in the market often lack the possibility to integrate modern solutions such as planning tools, data warehouse applications or methods to tailor profitability.

Futura developed a product that takes care of this market need: Futura4Hybrid. It comes as a building block or a complete solution.

Futura4hybrid consists of 4 elements: The basis is always a data warehouse of the latest generation; on top of this a planning application can be used.

Dubai, November 2013

Trading in 'Dirham' and 'Yuan'

Dubai, the business focal point in the Middle East, proved itself to be the right location for the latest Sales Partner Meeting of Futura International Solutions GmbH.

Main topic: Futura4POS. The POS solution is already in use in different countries and currency areas.

Projects have already been launched in Dubai and China, thus trading in Dirhams, the currency of the United Arab Emirates, or for example Chinese Yuan is not a problem.

We recently worked with our customer Lovisa to assist in upgrading them to the latest version. Version 3.26 is now available for general release and is already being used by hundreds of Futura users.

Lovisa IT Manager, Ching Fu, worked to an extremely tight schedule and successfully upgraded 170+ Australian and New Zealand branches over 2 nights. The remaining branches in Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa were upgraded before the end of the week so the complete international upgrade of all Country Head Offices and Branches was completed within 5 days with minimal downtime for the head office users and no downtime for the branches.

Futura Retail Solution AG now belongs to one of the 10 certified Toshiba  partners  worldwide in the category "Together Commerce Alliance Software Partner Plus".

The status of the business partnership, with the largest international provider of POS systems, has now been confirmed by Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions in the USA.

Looking back at a history of over 40 years, Toshiba has defined its own standards for POS hardware. The "retail-hardened" POS systems work in the stores of retailers under tough conditions and have, for example, splash-proof screens.

Especially the model TcxWave, which comes along with an elegant design in form of a wave, suits the fashion industry very well.

In April 2012, Futura International welcomed its Saudi Arabian Partner Retail Business Solutions (RBS) and two of their prominent customers.

The focus of interest was RFID and Customer Counting and its implementation within Futura. Therefore, three companies which have specialized in that area and are partnering with Futura introduced their solution.

Futura Retail Solution AG, integrated the innovative cross-channel payment system Yapital into their POS solution Futura4POS.

Thus, Futura POS systems can now also be used for smartphone payments. The payment process always works without cash: The customer scans with his Yapital app on his smartphone the QR code which, for example, can be found on the POS terminal display. With a click the customer confirms the payments of goods. The transactions take place in real time, thus the payment will directly be credited to the merchant's account.