Your model for success in omnichannel retailing

Futura4Omnichannel makes your stocks available for online sales. The solution manages all data and does not only control your stationary business. Futura4Omnichannel enables the complete integration of e-commerce, POS software and retail management processes. With Futura4Omnichannel you can take up the challenge of combining the digital availability of the shop offering with the shopping experience in brick-and-mortar locations. For example by Click & Collect or Reserve & Collect. The Futura4Omnichannel solution is based on sound processes of planning, procurement, product management and controlling. To this add the building blocks webshop, logistics and payment. Ideal to expand the attractive offering for your customers.

  Solutions for omnichannel retailing

Just one stockroom for your in-store and online business

With Futura4Omnichannel you do not need a separate stockroom for your webshop. All branches are your stockroom. When an order is placed in the webshop, stock data is checked in all stores, and the items are immediately reserved at the suitable place.

Avoid payment default / Ensure you will get paid

Purchasing on invoice is the most popular payment method among webshop customers. But how do you know that reliability and payment are ensured? Futura4Omnichannel uses e.g. the BillSAFE purchase on invoice service. BillSAFE payments are organised directly in Futura4Omnichannel. If the customer fails to pay, BillSAFE will cover the invoice.

Analysis focused on omnichannel

Futura4Omnichannel supports the evaluation of commercial data in Controlling. Data from Futura software solutions or from third-party systems - a webshop, for instance - is collected and processed in Futura’s retail management system. This allows sales channels to be evaluated and compared with a focus on omnichannel.

Accounting for retail

Futura4Omnichannel offers an accounting interface. A good accounting solution for retail has been integrated to ensure that accounting records are correctly assigned. This allows you to manage your stationary store and your webshop as independent clients.

Customer data for e-commerce

Maintaining detailed customer data is an essential requirement, especially with a view to the success of your omnichannel activities. Futura4Omnichannel helps you to manage customers and customer orders. The retail software supports online validation of addresses and VAT IDs.

Extend your presence with omnichannel

With Futura4Omnichannel you can serve more marketplaces. Marketplaces like Amazon or eBay give retailers the opportunity to present their products on these platforms in addition to their own webshops. Items from your webshop are enriched by the omnichannel solution by adding the necessary retail management data, and the system takes on the task of transferring the necessary data between the platforms.

Omnichannel at the till

Futura4Omnichannel ensures consistent processes. Up to Omnichannel at the POS. No matter whether the customer buys in your webshop or in your local store: Futura’s POS solution is ideal for omnichannel processes. All discounts and benefits can be granted when goods are paid for at the till in the store, stock levels can be checked across all channels.

Digital networked retail solutions

Futura4Omnichannel supports your in-store business with an extended counter. If you wish to add the benefits of your webshop to your store’s selection, the Futura retail management system takes care of the processes to be handled on the connected systems. The customer can use the digital media in your retail store to browse for supplementary products and enjoy a much wider range of products.

Retail management in all channels

The Futura4Retail retail management system is an integral part of Futura’s omnichannel solution. Calculations for merchandise procurement proposals are not only based on in-store data but automatically also include online sales. Merchandise procurement can thus be organised centrally and seamlessly, across all distribution channels.

Packaging and dispatching

Futura4Omnichannel helps you with the speedy processing of orders placed in your webshop. The graphical user interface guides the user through packaging and dispatching. An electronic connection to shipping service providers ensures fast delivery and easy consignment tracking.

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