Multifunctional platform

The Futura4SalesAssistant offers support on a single platform – whether you are advising customers or running processes in the back office. The solution promotes positive customer service and optimises your merchandise management. It also forms the bridge to your company's online shop. Sales advisers can use their tablets to query in real time the availability of an item in all stores or other stock locations as well as in the online shop. The Futura4SalesAssistant is also suitable as a central platform in an omnichannel system.

Omnichannel and extended sales counter

The Futura4SalesAssistant can also extend your sales counter as it enables your sales advisers to present products from a webshop or from other branches in an attractive and efficient manner on a tablet. Customer orders can be registered on the spot in the Futura4SalesAssistant. Modern omnichannel functions such as click & reserve or the store order are brought to the sales floor. Product availability for the customer is ensured, the chosen item is reserved for collection. The customer comes to the store later to try the item on and pay for it.

A tool with potential

The Futura4SalesAssistant can be extended in accordance with your company's requirements. There is another customer advisory service the platform could support: just like when shopping online, customers can be presented with personalised offers in the store based on their history and interests. The Futura4SalesAssistant suggests items that are similar to the products the customer has already selected or recommends matching outfits.

We have summarised the main functions in our Futura4SalesAssistant flyer. Click to download the product flyer

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