Your customers will appreciate paying at this checkout

Our checkout solution is flexible and can be perfectly integrated into your projects. The Futura4POS system is ideal for the opening of a new shop, the extension of an existing branch network or expanding operations internationally. It is also perfect for integrating an online shop. Futura4POS is scalable; the number of possible cash registers is almost unlimited. The retail software can be connected to any standard ERP system and runs on different hardware. The service you provide your customers will also benefit from Futura at POS: Ease of use, real-time check of inventory and omni-channel integration all allow you to provide an even higher level of service. The software supports loyalty schemes with an integrated CRM system and giftcard options.

Checkout solution Futura4POS

Makes selling easier

Futura4POS ensures ease of operation thanks in part to the software’s use of clear symbols. The individual areas and elements of the interface are designed according to ergonomic criteria and the practical requirements at the POS in the retail trade. The work of the checkout personnel is made easier as they can only see the controls that they are authorised to use. The shopping basket is the central element of any sale at the checkout. The item can be seen in the basket and processed from there.

Up to date product data

Employees and customers benefit from real-time data at point of sale. Data synchronisation between the POS software and the head office allows your employees to provide information about current stock levels. Information on products that the customers have bought or ordered can also be quickly accessed at every checkout of every branch. In the case of a deliberate or unintended interruption of the online connection, the POS software continues to work locally and will automatically synchronise the data at a later point in time.

Using smartphones and tablets

The Futura4POS solution with its special software architecture is also the right choice for omnichannel integration. The online data connection provides real-time data, transmitting all changes to the inventory as they occur. In addition, this POS software comes with an app for smartphones or tablets. This not only allows you to search for items, but also scan customer cards with a barcode. With the retailer's checkout app, you can access the customer and stock data stored in the Futura4POS. The app can send a paperless receipt to the e-mail address supplied by the customer.

Expanding operations abroad

Futura4POS stands for versatility and internationality. Even languages that are written from right to left, such as Arabic, are available within the Futura4POS framework. This not only benefits our overseas customers. Customers with a global network of stores from Vienna to Australia also work with Futura POS software. The payment methods of the different countries are supported and, like the language packages, can be extended as required.

Individuality for your company

The POS software has been designed for fast customising, making it really easy to incorporate your corporate look into Futura4POS. The layout and colours of the POS interface can be adapted to suit your requirements. You can determine the look of the software right down to the design of the receipts. And if you want to integrate external programmes, you can also incorporate the corresponding function calls visibly into the retail software.

 Synchronisation across all stores

Futura4POS has a central management. All the configuration and master data can be processed by the POS admin server. Any changes necessary for adapting the POS software to suit your business requirements will be synchronised automatically. Updates can also be centrally planned and automatically installed. In so doing, the opening times of your stores are taken into consideration. The checkout process is not interrupted by an update.

 Interruption free cashiering

 As an online POS software solution, Futura4POS provides a modern architecture. It allows a real-time exchange of data and also protects your data against the risk of a server or network interruption:  The data are stored at the checkout and are also accessible there offline. In addition, this allows for temporary offline use, e.g. at a sales stand. The data will synchronise automatically later. The POS system has interfaces that enable you to integrate your own programmes or special functions.

 For a new opening or modernisation

Futura4POS is characterised by its high compatibility. The POS software is suitable for all retail sectors. Our customers use Futura’s retail software to successfully sell products such as fashion, furniture, jewellery, sports equipment, high-quality household aids and much more. The POS software can also be connected to existing, current ERP systems. It can be used on any current operating system and it does not matter which manufacturer has produced the hardware. Flexible payment methods and support for multiple languages and currencies make this POS system perfect for flexible and international deployment. Meanwhile, the development of Futura4POS continues.

Process vouchers

Futura4POS supports the various loyalty systems at point of sale. With the software you can redeem vouchers or work with web-based voucher codes or bonus systems, all contributing towards customer retention. This POS solution allows retailers to combine loyalty discounts with other sales discounts. Loyalty points are simply printed on the receipt.


We have summarised the main functions in our Futura4POS brochure. Or would you like a presentation of our product? Contact us for more details!