Easily manage all checkouts

Futura4POS can be configured centrally. The checkout solution has a POS admin server and thus a central administration tool for all configuration and master data. You can carry out parameter changes centrally for all checkouts and set up the POS software according to your company requirements. The changes are the synchronised automatically. You can create new structures for configuration and groupings using the POS software’s control unit. The POS solution’s user-defined authorisation system enables the separation of central tasks. It assigns different roles to individual users of Futura4POS and differentiates, for example, between sales assistants and branch managers. The authorisation and roll assignment for employees can be restricted to specific organisational units. Live monitoring informs the POS system about important events. This live process monitoring enables management to react quickly.

 Futura4POS - corporate identity

POS software updates automatically

Updates with new features and improvements are available for the POS system several times a year. With the current POS software, you can schedule these updates in the control centre and have them installed automatically. This process takes place outside the opening times and takes into account different time zones.

The POS administrator is given an overview of the update process. If a checkout could not be accessed, it can still continue to operate. The system will try to repeat the update process again. Meanwhile, the checkout can continue to be used without interruption.