Clear POS interface

Futura4POS makes the work of checkout assistants easier. All the functional areas of the POS software are clearly structured. The colour scheme and clear symbols facilitate quick orientation around the interface. In addition, the arrangement of the areas is ergonomic, since the POS solution has been developed for everyday retail practice. All entries are made via the touch screen or keyboard and require just a few clicks. During the checkout process, the POS software displays stored images and descriptions of the items. During the payment process, the various payment options are available on individual buttons. After the software has been installed, Futura will give your employees a briefing on how it works.

Futura4POS - Easy to use


POS software with authorisation system

It is possible to enter item numbers manually into the Futura4POS cash register scanner; however it is of course easier to scan the items, which then appear in the POS software’s shopping basket. The scanned item is displayed with all the detailed information including an image. If the item is displayed in the shopping basket of the POS software, various other actions can be carried out: direct price changes, for example, the allocation of discounts or the handling of an exchange at the checkout. And if an entry needs to be changed: An operation that is in process in the shopping basket can be changed or cancelled at any time.

The checkout’s authorisation system also ensures a lower error rate in daily sales. Each cashier logs into the cash register system with a password and is then able to see clearly on the interface the actions and buttons which he or she is authorised to use. If a higher authorisation level has been defined for a particular checkout action, a text field with corresponding instructions appears.