Modern POS software for more customer use

Futura4POS is seamlessly integrated into an omni-channel system. Your customers can, for example, order online, pick up the goods at the store and pay for them at the store checkout. With the comprehensive search function across all stores, a reliable and accurate return is possible at each POS. Coupons and vouchers can be integrated smoothly since the online data connection of the POS software continually transmits customer data to all branches, including the online shop.

Online data connection

POS software with iPhone app

Our POS solution also comes with  an app  for tablets and smartphones. At the mobile checkout you can search for customer data and products, scan customer cards and process the usual card payments. All the OPI terminals can be connected, which are also used at stationary checkouts. If there are long queues at the POS, the Futura4POS app can be used to turn the iPhone or iPad into an additional checkout.

Merging checkout and merchandise management

The POS software Futura4POS can be used in conjunction with various ERP systems. Together with the Futura merchandise management solution, Futura4Retail, online activities can be integrated into the day-to-day branch processes within the scope of an omni-channel link. If additional stocks are made available online, the changes in the inventory also show in the POS system. The data at the checkout is updated and available at POS. Interfaces to other companies’ products expand the deployment possibilities of the POS solution.