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Futura4Retail is the retail management and merchandise software that helps you to enhance profitability in your company. With our product management tools you ensure that the right product is delivered to the right place at the right time.
Follow the system's proposals and move merchandise to exactly the location where it will be sold successfully. This avoids losses from mark-downs and increases margins. Futura4Retail serves all areas of a company. This starts with budget/limit planning, moves on to order, goods received and supplier invoice checking, and finishes with a powerful data warehouse.


function cycle Futura4Retail

Keep track of your business data

The Futura BI solution Futura4Dashboard is a strong analytical tool that visualises your key metrics in informative charts and graphs to help you to keep track of your business data. The clear and easy-to-read analyses are available in real time, on stationary or mobile devices. Selecting the data sources is up to you. Up-to-date data can continuously be loaded from the Futura4Retail retail management system and from other sources like the accounting or webshop databases.

Planning for all branches

The Futura4Retail retail management system ensures that your are in full control of your purchase limit. You can create monthly, weekly or daily plans - whatever you need for your business and the season. Planning is based on reference periods. Reliable planning is also possible for stores for which empirical data has not yet been acquired. Figures from similar stores will then be used as reference data.

Transferring merchandise effectively

Futura4Retail’s effective merchandise planning feature generates the proposals for transferring merchandise from one store to another, for changing prices or for reordering. An event management process identifies and alerts the right people in critical situations. Event management based on specific threshold values helps you to keep an eye on the product movements suggested by your retail management system.

Strategic price reductions

The merchandise management feature of the Futura retail management system helps you to avoid losses from mark-downs. Price reductions are postponed to a more suitable time. Futura4Retail merchandise planning enables you to move goods where they will yield the highest margin possible.

Turning processes into workflows

By customising workflows in accordance with the requirements of your company’s processes you can modify the Futura4Retail retail management system to such an extent that it turns from a standard solution into an individual standard. This makes the software a highly flexible solution for retailers, from single shops to multi-store chains.

Full control through event management

This is how the Futura4Retail retail software can take manual checks off your shoulders: if the system identifies unexpected situations, an early alert is given. Whenever a process is running in Futura4Retail, the alert and event management process runs in the background.

Overview of stores and sales floors

With the shop floor reference sheet, the Futura4Retail retail management system gives you an overview of all your stores and shop floor areas. The shop floor reference sheet and the detailed documents attached to it form a central information archive. For the verticalised industry, the shop floor reference sheet, as the central shop floor documentation, forms the basis for billing of goods and services supplied by partners in accordance with the terms mutually agreed.

Support for staff scheduling

In cooperation with software and hardware partners we provide expert know-how for professional projects in the field of personnel planning. POS data and come/go data, for instance from the Futura4POS software, as well as frequency count data allow precise personnel scheduling. We offer our retail management system, our POS program and our staff scheduling tool as a comprehensive, integrated solution.

Solution for omnichannel

You can add interesting functionality from other software providers to the Futura software and benefit from more functions due to integration. One of the challenges in the omnichannel or e-commerce business is to enable the interaction of different systems from different providers. Futura’s open software solution ensures that other systems can be easily connected to the core systems in real time.

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