High-quality service standard - in the local shop or online

Sporthaus Schuster GmbH has been successful with mountaineering and outdoor clothing and gear on 4,500 square metres of sales floor in a prime location in Munich for several decades. Three years ago, the Futura customer decided to establish a new online shop which would offer the same shopping experience as the store at Marienplatz.


  “The Futura4Retail retail management system is our master system”, says Christian Müller, Head of IT/Process & Quality Management at Sporthaus Schuster GmbH. “Futura knows all data: our complete customer master data, all items with the entire item master data, prices and EAN.” As one of the goals was to integrate the supply of goods for the new webshop into Futura4Retail's inventory management functions, a bidirectional interface had to be programmed.

Interface to the retail management system

Sporthaus Schuster GmbH and Futura Retail Solution AG developed the webshop interface in cooperation with norisk GmbH in Munich. Today, supply of goods to the webshop and all communications run through this web service, and live data is available. About 15,000 items are created in the online shop for every new season. Müller: “The data comes from the Futura system, goes through the web service interface to the OXID shop and back again.”

Comparable service

What is especially important for Sporthaus Schuster GmbH is that online shop and brick-and-mortar store have the same look and feel. “Customers should have the same shopping experience in our online shop as they’re accustomed to from our store,” Müller says. This includes identical prices as well as identical advantages.

That customers accept the multichannel sales strategy is confirmed by their rating in the eKomi assessment portal: Sporthaus Schuster were awarded a gold medal by their satisfied customers.