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Oracle is changing the support conditions for Java. Do you use our POS software Futura4POS? Then you’re a Java user. We’ve put together some important information for you below.

What actually is Java?

Java is both a programming language and a runtime environment. A runtime environment is a small part of software that keeps software compact. Today, lots of programs are based on Java, which is why the software is installed on almost every end device (PCs, laptops, smartphones, games consoles, etc.). That’s why Java is also installed on your POS. Oracle has owned the ‘Java’ brand since 2010.

What changes are Oracle making to the support conditions?

Oracle will be making the following changes from February 2019:

  • The free support for Java 8 will change.
  • Support will only be provided for Java 8 for a fee.
  • The last free version can still be used after February 2019. But it is recommended to always use the newest version of Java.

These changes only affect the commercial use of Java. Private individuals can continue using their usual support services until the end of 2020.

What do Oracle’s future release plans look like?

From Java 9 onwards, Oracle will only provide six months of support for Java versions. Then the connecting version will follow. From Java 11 onwards, Java will no longer have no licence fees. To be able to use Java 11, licence fees must be paid to Oracle. Oracle is therefore switching to a long-term support (‘LTS’) model. There will be a major release every three years, with feature updates every six months. Security updates are to be released on a quarterly basis.

Are there alternatives?

Yes, OpenJDK is an alternative option. OpenJDK is an open source variant of the Java platform. Even the Oracle version is created using OpenJDK sources. Community AdoptOpenJDK offers a complete Java program package that can be installed for free. AdoptOpenJDK also provides you with all updates and security updates. So for LTS releases, for example, updates are available for 3 years. There are no licence fees with AdoptOpenJDK.

What does this mean for my Futura products?

Your Futura4POS will continue to be compatible with Java 8. So you don’t need to do anything right now. Futura will then switch to OpenJDK as the primary runtime environment from 2019. You can also switch to OpenJDK then. Either you manage updates yourself, or you contract a service provider of your choosing to do so.  Alternatively, you can also conclude an advanced update contract with Oracle for Java 8.

You can find more information in Oracle’s press release:

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