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Futura4POS - Point of Sale

Our checkout solution is flexible and can be perfectly integrated into your projects. The Futura4POS system is ideal for the opening of a new shop, the extension of an existing branch network or expanding operations internationally. It is also perfect for integrating an online shop. Futura4POS is scalable; the number of possible cash registers is almost unlimited. The retail software can be connected to any standard ERP system and runs on different hardware. The service you provide your customers will also benefit from Futura at POS: Ease of use, real-time check of inventory and omni-channel integration all allow you to provide an even higher level of service. The software supports loyalty schemes with an integrated CRM system and giftcard options.


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Opening a new shop
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Extension of existing branches
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Expanding operations internationally
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Integration an online shop

Advantages of the checkout solution

  • Fiscalisation
  • User rights management
  • All industries
  • Internationality
  • 27 languages
  • Integration of retail management systems
  • Unlimited number of branches
  • Management customer data
  • Real-time data transfer
  • Gift voucher
  • Discounts, promotions
  • Cash final report
  • Consultant statistics
  • Sales statistics

All functions of point of sale

  • New sale
  • Receipt search
  • Edit selection
  • Record issue
  • Measure earnings
  • Clearance
  • Charge
  • Cash exchange
  • Preliminary cash balance
  • Cash balance
  • Cash drawer sign off
  • Goods in
  • Good returns
  • Rearrangement input
  • Rearrangement output
  • Generate labels
  • Define positions
  • Inventory
  • Cash final report
  • Consultant statistics
  • Cash journal
  • Report cash and cash equivalents
  • Discount statistics
  • Sales statistics
  • Open selections
  • Turnover time evaluation
  • Staff time recording
  • Change password
  • Gift card details
  • Querying loyalty points
  • Customer search
  • Customer setting
  • Customer display
  • Customer traffic data

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Highlights of the checkout solution

Point of sale - ease of operations

Ease of operation

Futura4POS makes the work of checkout assistants easier. All the functional areas of the POS software are clearly structured. The colour scheme and clear symbols facilitate quick orientation around the interface. In addition, the arrangement of the areas is ergonomic, since the POS solution has been developed for everyday retail practice. All entries are made via the touch screen or keyboard and require just a few clicks. During the checkout process, the POS software displays stored images and descriptions of the items. During the payment process, the various payment options are available on individual buttons. After the software has been installed, Futura will give your employees a briefing on how it works.
POS software to expand operations

POS software to expand operations

Futura4POS is available in more than a dozen languages and in different currencies. Languages that are written from right to left are also supported by the software. A separate version of the POS software is available for the Arabic-speaking countries, in which the interface has been adapted to suit the way of writing. Other languages can be easily added as required. In addition to the extensive package of languages, the software can also be configured with a country’s tax authority requirements, enabling it to be used internationally. Fiscalisation already exists for a number of European and non-European countries. Even if you are expanding abroad with Futura4POS, you will receive technical support if required. Our network of partners will take care of you worldwide and in different languages.
Mobile point of sale

Mobile POS

With the Futura4POS App, you can use the iPad as a POS. The mobile POS is particularly great for use as an additional checkout where there’s a high volume of customers, as well as at trade fair and sales booths and in pop-up stores. The Futura4POS App connects with the branch server online and exchanges up-to-date data with this server. Discounts, vouchers and payment options are available. Once connected via the password-protected login, the sales adviser can look up customer data and payment options in the Futura4POS-App. This is fairly easy due to a full-text search feature. The transaction is then processed for example using a compatible payment module. You can offer your customers all popular card payment options. All OPI terminals, including those used at your stationary POS, can be connected to the mobile POS. Your customers won't need to wait long, even if the store is full.


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Article- and customer data
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Discounts and Vouchers
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Mobile receipt
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More important functions


If the connection to the server is lost, the software can continue to work offline. The sales data is stored temporarily and as soon as the connection with the server is restored, the data will be synchronised.n statt.

Real-time data

The POS software synchronises the data in real time with the head office. This continuous, up-to-date data exchange allows your sales representatives to see which items are currently available in other stores and pass this information on to the customer at the POS.

Fast customising

The look of the software can be customised to take on your company’s corporate identity, right up to the design of the receipts. A choice of layouts and colour schemes is already included in the standard software. Of course, we can also incorporate your company logo.


Futura4POS is seamlessly integrated into an omni-channel system. Your customers can, for example, order online, pick up the goods at the store and pay for them at the store checkout. With the comprehensive search function across all stores, a reliable and accurate return is possible at each POS.

Our checkout solution Futura4POS is suitable for example for the following industrial sectors

Futura Branche Möbel




Futura Branche Merchandise


Futura Branchen Sonstige


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